Covenant Christian Academy seeks to enroll students who desire a distinctly Christian environment and educational experience.  While the school is a ministry of the Restoration Movement, we welcome students from varying Christian faith traditions.  Furthermore, the school welcomes students regardless of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to apply for admission.


Admission Process

  1. Interview with the principal.  This interview helps determine whether a given student is a suitable match for the school.  Particularly, that the parents desire a Christian education for their child.

  2. Complete a registration packet.

  3. Payment of registration fee, and August tuition.  Students will not be considered enrolled or allowed to attend classes until the registration fee and 1st tuition payment is paid in full.

Steps 4 and 5 are required for students enrolling in 1st – 6th grade.

  1. Placement testing.  All applicants to this academy will be tested before admission.  Final acceptance is contingent upon result of testing and placement of student.

  2. Review of Student File, including the student’s academic and health records from the previous school (when applicable).

All applicants are tentatively accepted on a six (6) week probationary period.  This six-week period is used to further ensure that a student is the right fit and to allow records to arrive.  The school will communicate with the parents throughout this time.


Special Admission requirement for Preschool, Kindergarten 4 and Kindergarten

  1. Preschool students must be mostly potty trained with minimal help.


  1. All K4, and K5 students must be fully potty trained.  Furthermore, the students must be able to perform all bathroom duties by him/her self (buttons, zippers, wiping, washing, etc.).

Tuition & Fee Schedule


Registration (Non-Refundable)      $100 per student              Due Upon Enrollment

1st Months Tuition Payment (Non-Refundable)                      Due Upon Enrollment

Supply Fee                                        $100 per student              Due Upon Enrollment


K4-9th Grade:

One Child/Oldest Sibling                                                                    Preschool (3 year old class)

$2000/year OR $200/Month                                                              $1000/year OR $100/month

                                                                                                *Sibling Discount- $900/year OR $90/Month 

Each Additional Sibling 

$1800/year OR $180/Month